At Floor Coverings International® of Pleasanton, we talk a lot about flooring and interior design, but what about the exterior design of your Pleasanton home? With an abundance of warm, sunny days your outdoor living space should be just as stylish and welcoming as the indoors. Our experts are here to share the best flooring for effortless cohesion inside and out.outdoor flooring frisco


Tile flooring is an excellent choice for the indoors and outdoors alike. It’s durable, water resistant, and comes in a handful of stunning choices. The versatility is especially valuable for blending the two areas together. Tile in your dining room, for example, can seamlessly extend out your back door to where you grill and relax in the sun! Natural stone, porcelain, and even wood-look tile are a few options that will tie together both your interior and exterior design.


Many Pleasanton homeowners love the look of hardwood in their home. While solid hardwood is not the perfect outdoor flooring choice, we do have a few clever work arounds. Decking, while very different than hardwood floors, is sealed and finished for durable outdoor use. Take a look at your indoor hardwoods and select similar plank sizes for your decking, install them in the same direction, and finish with a similar color. This attention to detail will help you achieve a cohesive look from inside to out!


The addition of carpet outdoors can surprisingly tie together design elements from the interior. While we don’t suggest installing wall to wall carpeting outside, adding a durable, synthetic fiber area rug can help tie together your living spaces. Area rugs are an open canvas to bring design elements you have inside like patterns, colors, and shapes outside. Plus, you can change an area rug throughout time as your design goals evolve!

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