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At Floor Coverings International of East Bay, we recommend that our customers have their carpet cleaned professionally once a year. This can be a significant cost, and waiting for the carpet to dry after often causes inconvenience for homeowners. These negative elements tend to drive people to put off having their carpet cleaned. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the primary benefits of a professional cleaning to help convince homeowners that the inconvenience is more than worth it!


  1. Air Quality. Even if you vacuum regularly, over time your carpet’s fibers will absorb dirt, pollen, pet dander and dust from the air. This is then released when you walk over the carpet. A professional cleaning drastically reduces the dust and dirt that’s stuck in your carpets fibers, improving the air quality in your home. A clean carpet is then able to take dust and dirt from the air rather than add more to it. This again helps to improve air quality inside your home.
  2. Life Span. By both taking care of your carpet on your own and professionally cleaning it, you can drastically increase its life span. Redoing your flooring is a huge investment, and in comparison, the price of a carpet cleaning is quite affordable! You can actually save money by increasing the length of your carpet’s life each time it’s professionally cleaned.
  3. Beauty. This one may go without saying, but it is still very important. A professional cleaning can remove stains and discolorations that you have been unable to remove yourself. It’s very likely that you’ve gotten used to the slight change in color of your carpet over time, and you will be amazed to see what it looks like when it is actually clean again. It’s almost like having a new carpet without paying for it!

We hope that these benefits from Floor Coverings International of East Bay will compel you to take care of your carpet. A soft, clean carpet can create an inviting space for you, your family and your guests.

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