As the center of family life, the kitchen is arguably the most used area of our home and sees more foot traffic than any other room. Several important factors go into choosing the right floor for your kitchen: comfort, durability, stain resistance, and style. The experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay have done the hard work for you, and have determined the 5 best flooring options for your kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl Tileluxury vinyl tile kitchen floor East Bay

Vinyl used to get a bad rap as the flooring you’d see in your grandma’s house. However, recent developments have made luxury vinyl tiles one of the most attractive flooring choices. Ink jet printers create high-resolution, unique images on each tile that mimic a wide variety of flooring options including stone and hardwood. To get the look of high-end flooring styles and still maintain the scratch, stain, and water resistance of tile, consider luxury vinyl.


Slate will give your kitchen a stylish, modern edge. Most tiles are steel grey and provide a great contrast to sleek minimalist kitchens. Slate will keep your East Bay home cool during warm months and is resistant to water and dents.

Ceramic Tileceramic tile floor east bay

Ceramic is a classic flooring option for the kitchen. Ceramic tile choices have increased in recent years, so homeowners have a wide variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. They’re relatively easy to clean, though the grout lines need to be paid attention to. Ceramic is also very popular in other areas of the kitchen as well, including backsplashes and countertops.

Rubber Tile

Rubber has the advantage of being highly stain-resistant, which is fantastic for busy kitchens. It’s durable enough to withstand high foot traffic while also staying comfortable underfoot. Furthermore, it holds up well to moisture, dirt, and accidental spills—all likely to occur in your kitchen. They are easy to clean since only occasional vacuuming or sweeping is needed. Rubber’s density and thickness gives it good sound absorption that will keep your space quiet. While most commonly available in black, rubber comes in a wide variety colors that can match the design of any home.

Corkcork flooring East Bay

Cork is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options that has grown in popularity in recent years. It’s incredibly resilient while also being comfortable to stand on for hours on end. Cork is made from tree bark but remains eco-friendly as no trees are actually cut down in the process. An added bonus of cork is that it’s slip-resistant, so your kitchen will be safer and you’ll be less prone to accidents.

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