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Luxury vinyl tile has become a popular option for our customers at Floor Coverings International East Bay. We are always excited to talk about this great flooring option with homeowners who aren’t familiar with it. Affordable, durable and able to take on the look of a wide range of natural flooring materials, luxury vinyl is almost a dream come true! Not sure if it’s right for your East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon area home? Check out our signs, if they sound like you, it might be time for some new flooring!


You love the look of natural flooring, but worry about the price.


Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT for short, is known for its impressive ability to imitate other types of flooring. This is done through a special 3D printing process. A thin layer of film is placed on top of each piece of vinyl, giving it the look of anything from ceramic tile to oak hardwood. The image is even textured to feel like the flooring it looks like.


You don’t like how cold natural stone tile feels underfoot.


Many people choose LVT over stone tile because it holds in heat much more effectively. This is because of its vinyl construction. It is also slightly softer, so if you live with children or elderly people who are prone to falls, it’s a much more forgiving material than natural stone.


You lead a busy life and don’t have time for complex flooring maintenance.


The cleaning requirements for LVT are extremely straightforward. Be sure to sweep regularly to stop dirt and dust from getting underneath the tile’s edges. You can mop occasionally with a small amount of moisture and a mild cleaner. No need to worry about anything further!


You hate having your life interrupted by home renovation projects.


LVT is very fast to install. There’s no finishing or sealing because each tile comes prefinished with a durable wear layer. In some cases, LVT can even be installed on top of your existing subfloor. It shouldn’t take a professional install team longer than a day to have your new flooring installed and ready to be walked on!


If you think that luxury vinyl flooring sounds right for your East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon area home, give us a call today at Floor Coverings International East Bay. We bring samples to your home so you can see what the flooring will look like in your unique space!


Photo Credit: Jacqueline Moore