Interior design trends are constantly changing. In 2017, we have seen a return to matte textures and organic hues, departing from the metallic look of stainless steel common in the previous few years. If you are interested in upgrading bathrooms in your Pleasanton home, you’ll surely see an organic revival of unique shapes and exciting patterns that mimic natural beauty.

terracotta bathroom tile east bayTerracotta Tiles

These warmer trends of organic materials herald the glory days of terracotta tiles. Literally meaning “baked earth,” these vibrant brick-colored tiles create a comforting and rustic ambiance. Terracotta’s warm and rusty color is timeless, elegant, and able to accommodate many bathroom themes.

Pebbles and Stones

In tune with this year’s return to nature, designers are applying natural stones and pebbles to transform bathrooms into earthen paradises. It may just be time to toss out that old cream linoleum floor and replace it with a smooth mosaic of pebbles that will feel great on your bare feet.

bathroom tile shapes east bayGeometric tiles

Unique shapes are have been trending for some time now. Square and rectangle tiles will always be a timeless choice, but 2017 is seeing hexagonal tiles and other nontraditional shapes. Homeowners love that this style of flooring opens up a new portfolio of design concepts to try, so have fun with it!

Matte Texture

Trading out stainless steel and shine for matte textures opens up fresh design concepts like shabby chic, nature indoors, and vintage revival. Matte tiles are highly on-trend this year and can come in many forms and colors. Furthermore, matte textures in the bathroom tend to be less slippery underfoot.

bathroom tile east bayCreative Patterns

Tiles can be incredibly fun, especially when you get creative with patterns. Nowadays, you’ll see patterns with different colors, a mix of different sizes, and intricate patterns. Each unique design will make your bathroom’s design an adventure for the eyes.

With unique, trendy tiles, you can transform your bathroom to be the most beautiful space in your home. Create a spa-like feel in a beautifully updated bathroom and you won’t be able to wait to unwind at the end of the day. Schedule a free in-home design consultation with your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay to get started in your Pleasanton home!

Photo Credits: © Robert Kneschke, © Sergey Sarychev, © Breadmaker