CarpetWe’re always on the lookout for new flooring trends here at Floor Coverings International of East Bay and Pleasanton, CA. One of the most interesting and cutting edge styles that we’ve seen emerge recently is that of patterned carpets, whose pattern is constructed out of the carpet texture itself, rather than using different colors. This 3-dimensional effect creates uniquely beautiful carpets that will serve as statement pieces as well as flooring.

Cut & Loop Carpeting

The most common type of carpeting used for these textured patterns is cut and loop carpeting. There are two main types of carpet, loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile carpets are constructed of loops of fabric that are tightly arranged against the nap of the carpet. Cut pile carpets refer to when the fabric loops of a loop pile carpet are cut at the top. These carpets tend to be a bit plusher and fuller than loop pile carpets. A cut and loop carpet merely combines these two styles, utilizing their height variance to create 3-dimensional patterns. Cut and Loop styles provide excellent visual interest, but are not the most durable, so shouldn’t be used in high traffic areas. This is a good carpeting style for bedrooms or dens.


There are a number of common patterns and motifs that can be seen in today’s cut and loop pile carpets. The original cut and loop carpets from the 70’s and 80’s were much more limited in their designs, with simpler patterns only. Modern day cut and loop carpets display much more variety, and have moved away from the carved designs of yesteryear to more organic or geometric patterns. The organic forms that can be found in more modern carpets include shapes like leaves, petals, flowers, fleur-de-lis, and trellises. These tend to feature curvilinear lines and curved edges. The more modern and geometric styles show pin dots, diamonds, squares, chevrons, and other sharp-edged shapes.

Other Advantages

Cut and Loop carpets and other textured pattern carpeting styles have a number of other uses beyond simply looking beautiful and unique. The pattern and texture tend to minimize the look of vacuum marks, shoe treads, and soil. It is more difficult to see stains with the variety of textures and pile heights as well.

If you want to bring the beauty of textured patterns to your home, call Floor Coverings International of East Bay and Pleasanton today!