East Bay Office Flooring

If you’re setting up a new office or remodeling an existing workspace, consider designs that don’t distract but still impress. If you start with new flooring, other design details will fall into place. The experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay share some tips for picking out the perfect office flooring!

People are Working Differently

First, think about the kind of environment in which you work the best. These days, many office workers are no longer sitting in the same place or chair for several hours at a time. Michael O’Neill, a senior research strategist who works in global workplace research, recently told de Zeen Magazine that we’re moving into a new era in regards to workspaces. Because most offices are wireless, workers are working collaboratively, moving around, and even standing for long periods of time.

Comfortable Flooring Options

One of the most important design aspects of your new office will be the floor, especially if you expect to use an adjustable-height desk that will enable you to work while standing or you spend much of your day on your feet. If you have no reception area, you may be getting up and down several times throughout the day to greet clients. Unless you’re sitting all day, you’ll probably want to stay away from thin carpeting or super hard surfaces like concrete. Consider luxury vinyl or heavily cushioned, carpeting instead.

Impress Your Clients

You should also consider what might make your clients feel at ease but will also look impressive; you want to project success. Stay away from old-style vinyl or laminate. New luxury vinyl and laminate options include metallic designs, planks that resemble wood or stone, with design and protective layers. Some popular hardwood flooring trends focus on color, or rather the lack of it. Look for whitewashed or light gray if you want to make your office space appear larger. Also trending this year are very dark browns and even black hardwood. A dark charcoal gray wood floor will look great with almost any color you choose for paint, furniture, and artwork. Check out the latest wood-look tile flooring as well.

Next Steps

Once you have your flooring selected, you can incorporate a collaborative work area, plush conference space, and dedicated workspace for yourself. Look for simply designed furniture that’s comfortable and artwork that reflects the personality of the office. When shopping or looking at fabric samples, return your thoughts to your new flooring for inspiration. If your flooring is slate or marble, add some warmth by using heavier window coverings or fabric-covered chairs.

Remember that flooring sets the tone in any room. Don’t be afraid to go with a flooring style you haven’t seen or heard of before. The experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay are excited and ready to work with you on your new flooring project. We’ll bring our mobile showroom right to your office, and help you select the best option for your unique workspace. We proudly serve the greater East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon areas.

Photo Credit: Li Chaoshu