kid-friendly flooring, floor coverings international east bayImagine if you will. You’re a parent living in Pleasanton and you’ve just finished installing a new floor. It’s beautiful and spotless, and then your kid decides to tap dance across it while wearing soccer cleats. For parents with children in the home, getting a new floor might seem like tempting fate. But fear not! Below are some expert recommendations from Floor Coverings International East Bay for kid-friendly flooring that can stand up to the chaos.


Hardwood is a leading choice for family homes because it’s a natural material, doesn’t trap dirt or allergens, and can be quite durable, with proper maintenance. A key point with wood flooring is to select a wood type that has a high Janka rating (such as red oak or Brazilian cherry). Softer woods are far more likely to be dented or scratched. Regardless of what wood type you choose, make sure to keep the protective finish up to date!


Laminate is a good option for families who want the look of hardwood, but without the maintenance. When properly sealed, laminate hardwood is a good choice for children’s rooms — especially when paired with area rugs. With a lower price point than other options, laminate also won’t cause a heart attack when it gets scratched, dented, or scuffed.


Cork is becoming a popular flooring choice in households with young children. A great option for playrooms, it’s soft, anti-microbial, resists mold, and can repel stains if properly sealed. One word of caution, though! It scratches easily. However, if you use cork tiles, you can easily replace sections as they get damaged.


An eco-friendly flooring product, linoleum is made out of natural materials, is extremely durable, easy to clean, and is resistant to water and bacteria. Even better, modern linoleum comes in a wide range of colors and patterns — from more natural tones to playful graphics.

With any of the above materials, we recommend using non-toxic adhesives, sealers, and cleaning products for any floors used by children.

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Photo © Fettullah Ozaslan