checkered tile floor kitchen

You can do a lot to the style of your East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon area home with flooring. There are tons of styles out there, so choosing the right floor for your unique home can be rather overwhelming. Not to worry, the experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay have put together a quick list of their favorite types of flooring for a few key décor styles.


  1. Rustic

If you have a home that feels like a far-away log cabin, then a rustic floor is the way to go. Our favorite style for this look is distressed hardwood. These wood floors have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the great benefits of distressed wood is that it easily hides small imperfections. If you want something a bit more cost-effective than hardwood, there are also plenty of vinyl plank options with distressed finishes.

  1. Retro

Whether you’re a fan of the fifties, sixties or some other past decade, there’s a retro floor out there for you. We personally recommend classic checkered tile. This look instantly evokes older kitchens and is full of charming personality. Plus, the vinyl tile of today is surprisingly durable. You can even choose styles that are waterproof if you’re looking to redo your bathroom.

  1. Classic

A formal dining room that houses your grandparent’s old china has to have a glossy hardwood floor. Most people don’t choose high-gloss finishes on hardwood these days, but if you want something that really evokes classic style, a glossy finish is the way to go. Just be sure you sweep regularly because the surface will easily show dust and dirt.

  1. Contemporary

Last but not least, the perfect flooring for a contemporary home: our top choice for this style is a gray hardwood or vinyl plank. This unique look instantly adds a chic feel to any space, and it looks great alongside the industrial-inspired furniture and décor that’s so popular in contemporary homes today.


If you’re interested in one of these flooring styles for your home in the East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon area, give us a call today at Floor Coverings International East Bay!


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