iStock_000009485658XSmall.jpgHardwood floors are one of the most attractive and timeless flooring options available to a homeowner. They are beautiful, durable, and will add long term resale value to your home. But hardwood floors can also be temperamental. While a well-maintained hardwood floor can last a lifetime, care has to be taken in order to ensure that it continues to look as beautiful as when it was first installed. Floor Coverings International of East Bay and Pleasanton, CA wants to make sure that your hardwood floors are up to snuff, so here are the best ways to give your hardwoods a facelift.

Rugs and Rearrangement

Area rugs are a great way to protect your hardwood floors from damage. While wood is durable, and certain exotic wood species tend to be very hard, hardwood floors are still susceptible to scrapes and scratches from everyday use. From shoe heels to pet claws, hardwood floors are always taking a beating. Think about adding and area rug to high-traffic areas. Carpet runners are great ways to protect your hardwoods in the hallway. Rearrange the furniture in your room to expose the hardwood that has not seen as much use. It will look cleaner and newer and you can hide any blemishes under the rearranged furniture. Be careful when moving furniture though, you don’t want to scratch your floors further. Always lift rather than drag, and put socks over things like table legs in order to protect your floors.


The finish on your hardwood floors may be looking dull and dated, so if you really want to spruce up your floors, give them a new lacquer. Hardwood finishes both protect and enhance the natural wood, and come in a variety of products from oils and waxes to lacquers and stains. Try a stain that will tint the color of the wood if you really want to change things up. Go for a darker wood, which will look dramatic and modern. This new top coat will also help to protect your floors from further wear and tear.

Sand and Renovate

Maybe your hardwoods are in really bad shape and need more than just a few cosmetic touches. Rediscovered hardwood that was covered by carpet is a great example of this. In this case it might be time to completely renovate your hardwoods. Hardwood flooring is so durable and long lasting precisely because it is capable of being re-finished like this. First you’ll need to sand down the surface of your hardwoods, which will even everything out and eliminate all the scuffs, dents, and damages that may have existed before. Then the floor will be stained and finished good as new.

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