Remodeling your home can be anything from a burden to enjoyable, depending on your project and flexibility. Many larger projects can completely revamp your home and make it feel like an entirely new space. Do not overestimate the power of smaller projects, though, as they can have a dramatic effect and are much easier to accomplish. Here we will outline a few ideas, ranging from easy to difficult, that will bring out a new look in your home.

Add Plants to Your Home

One simple way to make your home more welcoming and enjoyable is to add plants. Having plants will make your home feel more natural and make you feel as if you are closer to being outdoors. There are many types of plants that you can choose which range in size and color. Adding a medium size plant into the corners of a room is a nice touch that cannot be matched by any other interior design idea.

Add New Lighting

Altering the lighting in your home can drastically change the look and feel of any room. Adding new light in the right place will allow you to set the tone for how you want that room to feel. Consider adding a light for reading or to separate different parts of the room without having a physical barrier.


Repainting a room will make it feel like an entirely new space. The color that you choose to put on the walls can make the space feel larger, brighter or more welcoming.  You can completely change the color if you want but remember to choose something that will work with the surrounding decorations so that you do not have clashing color combinations.

New Flooring

Just like repainting, new floors can dramatically change the feel of a room. There are many options available, each of which has its own benefits. Contact Floor Coverings International of East Bay, CA to learn more about flooring options and to get an expert opinion on what will work best for your situation.

With bigger changes comes bigger responsibility. It is easy to move or remove plants if you do not like them, but to repaint or replace your floors takes more effort. Each of these can have a huge effect on your home and most really enjoy the new addition.