East Bay carpet owners know all about spills and stains. Conventional threats to clean carpet may be challenging to manage, but at least they can be expected. Here at Floor Coverings International East Bay, we know of a few other sneaky threats to your carpet. Knowledge is power and reading through this list may help to avoid some lesser-known carpet casualties!

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The Sunny Forecast

Sunshine may be a primary source of Vitamin D for humans, but your carpet will pale in the prolonged light from outdoors. To avoid sun damage to your carpet, try keeping the blinds or curtains closed when you’re out of the house. And if you like to sleep in, close them at night too. That way, the sun is not shining on your carpets in the early morning before you wake up.

Foot Traffic

Your carpets may see a lot of activity every day, especially in family homes. Certain areas like hallways and living rooms tend to see quite a bit of action as people move through your home and gather. Over years, this can wear down the fibers of your carpet. While carpets do not last forever, you can still prolong a carpet’s lifespan by walking with a bit of care through your home. In order to maintain the strength of the carpet fibers, establish a no-shoes policy to avoid friction, which can accelerate wear and tear.

Color Bleeding

Area rugs are a tricky entry on this list. While they may actually protect sections of underlying carpet, area rugs can also create a color east bay carpetbleeding effect that will stain the carpting below it! This often occurs with unstable dyes or wet area rugs. If you wash your area rug, never return it to the carpeting before it has dried completely. If it needs to be sprayed down with a cleaning solution, be sure to remove it from the carpeting first.

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Photo Credits: Sunny bedroom: © Breadmaker,  Area rug on carpet: © Pics721