minimalist hardwood flooring design PleasantonBecause hardwood flooring is often associated with a rustic, natural look, it’s tempting to assume that there’s no way for wood floors and a minimalist design aesthetic to coexist. After all, rustic design is all about nostalgia, quaintness, and coziness, while the minimalist aesthetic tends to place more value on clean lines, spaciousness, and bright colors.

But the design experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay are here to reassure you that hardwood floors and chic minimalist design don’t have to be mutually exclusive! In fact, hardwood can be the perfect thing to highlight a sense of simplicity and elegance in your Pleasanton home. Read on for some ideas about how to balance the natural beauty of hardwood with your minimalist design goals.

Minimalist Hardwood Hues

minimalist hardwood flooring design Pleasanton East Bay

There are a few different directions to take hardwood when it comes to a color that complements a minimalist look. Choose a pale-hued species like white oak or birch, or simply opt for a neutral light-grey finish if you want to give the space a clean, modern feel. Lighter wood colors will also pair nicely with pops of bright color from your furniture, rugs, and decorations.

Alternatively, choose a dark, chocolate finish on a wood like walnut or red oak to provide a bold contrast between minimalist white walls and furniture. The effect is entirely different, leaning more towards an artsy, vintage look.

minimalist hardwood flooring design Pleasanton East Bay

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Rustic, meet modern. Reclaimed hardwood is a hot trend in minimalist design because it tells a story and shows its age in the patina and unique markings. The idea with reclaimed wood is to repurpose beautiful, time and climate-stabilized wood from old buildings, giving it a second life. If you want to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home, let it stand out! Keeping the other features of the room extremely simple will highlight the aged look and natural imperfections of the wood.

Narrow Planks

This is a perfect example of “less is more.” Instead of going with bold, wide-plank hardwood, choosing narrow planks will turn the surface of your floor into more of a texture than a material. While narrow planks can make some rooms look too “busy,” when they’re used in a minimalist design setting they provide the perfect amount of contrast for all of the other simple, elegant features.

Feeling Inspired?

If the gears are turning in your head and you’re beginning to imagine all of the design possibilities for hardwood floors in your Pleasanton home, let us help you get started. Our team serves the greater East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon area, so schedule a free, in-home consultation today!

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