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You’ve settled on a hardwood style and plank size for your Pleasanton or San Ramon home and now it’s time to think about the finish. Our experts at Floor Coverings International of East Bay have a lot of experience with choosing the right gloss level for our customers. The two most popular options today are satin and semi-gloss finishes. Each has its own merits, and its own drawbacks. Read up on their advantages and disadvantages to find out what’s best for the hardwood.





  • Satin’s relatively low luster, meaning it reflects a small amount of light off its surface. This helps to hide small imperfections and dirt that may be on your floor, making it a great option for high-traffic areas or in homes with kids.
  • The sleek and understated look of a satin finish has a modern feel to it that many homeowners love.
  • Satin’s low luster still reflects a small amount of light, highlighting the beauty of your hardwood without bringing attention to dirt or dust that may be on the floor.


  • Some people find that the low luster level of satin makes their hardwood floors look slightly dull.
  • Low luster finishes like satin are less durable than high gloss finishes, so they may not protect your floor from damage as effectively.




  • Semi-gloss has a slightly higher luster level than satin. This means more light reflects off your floors. This gives a more formal feel that really highlights the beauty of hardwood.
  • The higher gloss level of semi-gloss makes it slightly more durable than a satin finish.


  • As you might expect, a semi-gloss finish will show small scratches and dirt more easily than a satin finish.
  • Though more durable than a satin finish, a semi-gloss finish still is not as durable as a high-gloss finish.


Does one of these glosses sound right for your home? Call Floor Coverings International today to get your hardwood floor installation started! We are proud to offer free in-home consultations to the East Bay, Pleasanton and San Ramon area.


Photo Credit: Carlos andre Santos