Everyone loves a good comfy and cozy carpet. It adds a sense of warmth and hominess to a room. Unfortunately, carpet also happens to be one of the least durable flooring materials. With the risk of staining, matting, crushing, and molding so much higher than most other flooring options, installing carpet is always a risky choice. But we here at Floor Coverings International of East Bay believe that you can still get the carpet you love, without having to walk on eggshells to appreciate it and make it last. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the most durable carpeting options available for your Middletown home.


Berber Carpeting


Named after the Berber people of North Africa, who invented this carpeting style, berber carpeting is constructed of short, tight, upright loops that create a low pile, high density carpet which can stand up to the highest traffic. Berber carpeting is a best seller for a reason, with its tight weave keeping dirt and dust out of the nap of the carpet so that it can be easily vacuumed up, and its tight loops make it a favorite choice in commercial spaces like offices or hotels. A traditional berber carpet features tiny dark tufts on a light colored background, but today’s berbers are far more versatile, coming in a wide range of colors and patterns. Berber is also more stain resistant than other carpets, due to it’s dense weave, and it is one of the most affordable carpeting options on the market.


Sisal Carpeting


If you’re looking for a natural durable carpet choice, sisal carpeting is a great option. While wool is the natural carpet that comes to mind first, sisal is a much more resilient choice. Sisal is a natural, renewable fiber, Agave Sisalina in the Agave family, which is named after the Spanish port of Sisal in the Yucatan. There is some debate about the geographic origins of Sisal, but currently Brazil is the world’s largest sisal exporter. Sisal is an incredibly strong material, stronger than other natural fibers like jute or coir, and it is often used for things like baling twine and mariner rope, which speaks to the strength of the material. Sisal carpet is often woven and low pile, so it features many of the same characteristics as berber in regards to crush resistance and ease of cleaning. Sisal is a great carpeting option for people with allergies and asthma.


Nylon Carpeting


If your idea of durability has more to due with stain resistance than crush resistance, then nylon is the choice for you. Nylon is a synthetic material that is incredibly good at resisting staining. Nylon is the most common carpeting material in the US, having grown rapidly in popularity after its invention in the 1930’s as a substitute for silk. Nylon is very resilient, with an ability to ‘remember’ it’s twist more than other carpet choices, so that you can have a plush, cut pile carpet without sacrificing the lifespan of your floors. Nylon is very easy to clean, and it resists mold and moisture easily. Because nylon is a synthetic material though, it will off-gas VOC’s, so if that’s a concern you might want to go for a more natural option like sisal carpeting.


Whether you want stain proof nylon, high traffic berber, or natural sisal, if you need durable carpeting, Floor Coverings International of East Bay is your main source for durable carpeting in Pleasanton.