Bamboo HW Flooring - ©Zastolskiy VictorEnvironmentally friendly flooring has been on the rise in the past decade. Here in the flooring world, we see many requests for eco-friendly flooring, with bamboo being an extremely popular option. Bamboo makes for quality flooring and will benefit your home in many positive ways. At Floor Coverings International of East Bay, we want to arm you with the information you need to make the best decision for you and your home.




Reasons to say yes…

  • Every type of flooring material has some level of sensitivity to water, but bamboo is especially resistant when compared to other hard surface flooring.
  • Just like solid and engineered hardwood flooring, bamboo can be refinished. Simply sanding down the surface and reapplying the finish will bring new life to your floors, doubling their lifespan.
  • Bamboo does not attract many insects, so as it is grown, it doesn’t require pesticides. This makes bamboo flooring not only environmentally friendly, but friendly to your home and family.
  • One of the most well-known advantages of bamboo is its sustainability. Bamboo only takes about 3 to 5 years to reach maturity. It may sound like quite a while, but other hardwoods take anywhere from 20 to 120 years!.
  • Lastly, bamboo is very durable. When you use non-carbonized bamboo with a vertical grain, it will hit as high as 3000 on the Janka scale. Compare that to Northern Red Oak, the industry standard, which has a Janka rating of only 1290.

To take into consideration…

  • As durable as bamboo can be, it can still be susceptible to scratches and scuffs, just like any flooring. Opting for non-carbonized, vertical grain bamboo instead of carbonized bamboo with a horizontal grain will help you to avoid the wear and tear.
  • Bamboo, like other hard surface flooring, can potentially warp in humidity, damaging the boards.
  • Though bamboo is a renewable, sustainable resource, the way it is manufactured is not always the friendliest to the earth. The manufacturing of bamboo can potentially emit volatile organic compounds, so keep that in mind if you’re worried about the air quality in your home. .

At Floor Coverings International of East Bay, we understand the importance of using sustainable materials for your home. Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our experts will come directly to your home to help you choose the best bamboo flooring for your next project.


Photo courtesy of Zastolskiy Victor