Bathroom Tile Stone PebblesTiles are incredibly versatile and customizable materials that can create beautiful accents or solidify an aesthetic throughout an entire room. No matter the style in your own home, there is a tile that can perfectly complement the look. At Floor Coverings International East Bay, we carry hundreds of tiles to choose from and can help you track down what you’re after. Here are three unique ideas that you can try out to incorporate tile in your own home to make it stand out.


Pebble Tiles Pique Interest

Simple natural elements can make your home feel more relaxing. For a very earthy look, consider a delicate and unique pebble floor. Prefabricated pebble tile sheets make it possible to bring the feel of individual pebbles underfoot, without having to install them one by one. While you might more commonly see pebble tiles as an accent or backsplash, the irregular surface makes it a great choice for bathrooms, sauna areas, or around pools because they add a bit of traction. Pebbles may not be the best flooring option for an entire room, but they will add a unique element perfect for smaller sections of your floor.


Stone Fireplace Turn Up the Visual Heat on Fireplaces

Even when the fire’s not burning, your fireplace can still be a show-stopping focal point. A well-designed fireplace or mantle can help highlight the aesthetic of your home as well as make a living room, bedroom, or den feel complete. Stone tiles lend a very natural, rustic quality, while glossy options such as glass and ceramic add a translucent beauty to brighten the space. Other popular options are geometric shapes, mosaic designs, or high-contrast colors. The fireplace is a gathering point in your home, so be creative to really highlight your style.


Bathroom Tile Design East BayCreate Mock Rugs with Tile

Many homeowners love the sleek look and feel of tile flooring, but want to break up the monotony in large spaces. While you could add an area rug for some added texture, you can also create the look of an area rug and maintain the smooth feel of tile. Consider using one style to frame another or design a mosaic of tile. Simply establish the area where you’d like more visual intrigue, and let your aesthetic shine through. Furthermore, these decorative areas need not be standard rectangles or circles, but can be more unique or dramatic. For example, imagine your bathroom or entryway with an irregular, cascading line of pebbles tiles!


However you decide to let your uniqueness shine in your home design, tile can certainly play a role! We carry a nearly endless selection for every room, style, and budget. Call your flooring experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay for a free in-home design consultation and estimate.



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