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With the huge variety of available flooring materials, there is a floor to suit virtually every Pleasanton homeowner. The question is, what does your flooring say about you?

While not a certifiable science, flooring does give off average impressions to visitors, and today Floor Coverings International East Bay covers some common impacts of floor types on the human mind. What does your flooring say about you?


Carpet is by no means the norm in every room of the house, and homeowners who elect to keep soft carpet abundant across rooms may convey a sense of welcome.

Due to that very softness, carpet is very common in family homes where children run and play. If your home features a good deal of carpet, it may give off a sense of activity with a family-friendly atmosphere – especially if the carpet is dark and hides stains. On the other hand, if your home is full of white, difficult-to-clean carpeting, it may present a sense of great caution and routine home care.


Hardwood often gives off a sense of traditionalism, being an historical option in flooring. From the pioneering days of early America, hardwood has floored the warm homes of strong, hard-working citizens.

If your home is in a rural area, it may appear rustic. In an urban area, hardwood floors might be seen as a clean, hip tribute to homes past.

As an additional note, engineered hardwood will do much the same as its solid cousin in terms of appearance. It is, however, more resilient to a lot of natural threats that afflict hardwood floors, like mold and moisture. But once visitors know your hardwood is engineered, it may indicate to them that you are a problem-solver with a healthy appreciation for traditional value.


This is a durable, resilient option in low-maintenance flooring that sacrifices virtually nothing in its imitations of other materials like stone and wood. When you walk into a home with vinyl, you can reasonably expect that its owner is someone who loves efficient solutions.

Vinyl is perfect for homeowners with pets, kids, and lots of visitors due to its practically unyielding toughness. Vinyl owners want clean, beautiful flooring to accompany their busy lives!

What Would You Like Your Flooring to Say?

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