Berber carpet is a popular and fantastic choice for many rooms in your house because of its impressive durability and understated aesthetics. Many of our customers at Floor Coverings International East Bay choose Berber carpet because it offers a great style selection of colors, textures, and lengths.

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Berber carpet was originally made by North African tribes and used as carpets, rugs, and cloaks. Each fiber was woven and affixed on both ends to a backing, creating a loop. This loop design helped the carpet to resist fraying and create a thick, very warm design.

Benefits of Berber Carpet

Berber’s thick design makes it naturally resistant to wear from foot traffic and furniture. This makes it a great option for high traffic areas. The looped design also adds traction to the carpet, so it is a popular carpet option for staircases. Traditional Berber carpet features a flecked design that also does a great job of masking any small stains or discolorations that occur.

Modern Options

Advancements in the technology for Berber carpets now make it possible to install a carpet with more than one color or more than one length of the loops which adds a new feel to the carpet. The advancements in style and material make Berber carpets a popular choose for any room including bedrooms and living rooms. If you are considering installing a new floor in your home, Berber is certainly a flooring option to consider.


Berber Carpet in Pleasanton

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A Note From Our Owner

“Berber carpet is an affordable and durable option for many of our customers in the East Bay area- let us walk you through all of your carpet choices and help make your flooring decision stress-free!”