Homeowners love the cozy and luxurious feel of carpet underfoot. Its soft surface and insulating fibers make it the ideal choice for rooms where comfort is key such as bedrooms, living rooms, or playrooms. One of the most popular styles is classic plush carpeting. It offers the traditional look of carpet we all know and love, and a durability to last you years to come. If you are considering redesigning the layout of your home, we’ve got the answers to your questions about plush here!


Plush carpeting East BayWhat is Plush Carpeting?

Homeowners in the process of choosing carpet for their home are familiar with how endless the options seem to be. Feeling lost among the fibers, piles, and textures is a universal experience. In the purpose of understanding plush carpet, it’s important to know the most distinctive features. These are the density of fiber tufts, the amount of twist in yarn strands, and the type of fiber that is used. These factors contribute to the durability of what we refer to as plush carpeting.


Which Plush Carpet Should I Choose?

There are a few different styles of plush carpet to consider for your East Bay home. Let’s take a look so you can get to know the features you need in your floors.


Plush carpet East Bay Textured Plush

Textured plush carpeting offers the most versatility of all types of luxurious carpeting, making it the plush carpet of choice for “whole house” carpet installations.  It works well with any architectural style or home decorating scheme. Its textured surface conceals vacuum tracks and footprints well. If your family is always busy, textured plush will give you a luxurious look you seek without the need for lots of maintenance.



Saxony is the plush carpeting of choice for more traditional aesthetics and decorating styles. It has a smooth texture that exudes elegance and luxury. But that look comes at a price. It doesn’t hide vacuum tracks or footprints well, so it’s not an ideal plush carpet choice for high traffic and activity areas in the home.



Frieze plush carpeting is characterized by its curly surface texture. Yarn strands undergo extensive twisting to get that look, which also makes it a more durable choice. The result is a type of plush carpeting that looks elegant and informal simultaneously. The appearance of footprints and vacuum tracks are less evident with frieze than they are with Saxony plush.



Velvet is the most elegant looking of all plush carpeting types. The density of its texture gives the carpet its luxurious look and feel. There’s no denying that velvet plush is gorgeous to look at, but you can’t hide anything that touches the surface of this type of plush carpeting. Use it in formal rooms with limited activity and minimal foot traffic.


How Do I Get Started?

If you’re interested in plush for your home in the greater Pleasanton, San Ramon, Danville, and Dublin areas, call the experts at Floor Coverings International East Bay! We offer free in-home consultations and estimates. Let us bring the floor to your door so you can have a seamless design experience.


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