Homes in Southport looking for an eco-friendly flooring option often only think of cork and bamboo. However, here at Floor Coverings International East Bay, we understand that not every home wants the hard feel of wood underfoot. If sustainable flooring is a priority for you, but you want something softer, consider seagrass carpeting. The natural plant fibers are made into a soft yarn for weaving beautiful carpets and rugs that homeowners love. Let’s look at some of the key features of seagrass.


Seagrass Carpeting East Bay FlooringSustainability

Seagrass grows in paddies and marshes across China. As the area is flooded with seawater, the reeds are harvested and then sundried to be stripped down and woven into a soft yarn. Compared to synthetic products such as nylon, seagrass has very little impact to the environment. Seagrass grows back quickly, and the material is 100% biodegradable. That means once its time for a replacement, your old carpet can be recycled rather than sitting in a landfill for eternity.



There are multiple shades of green on a single reed of seagrass, which results in a contrast of dark and light shades when woven. The different colors can be used to accentuate beautiful patterns or designs on a carpet and create a truly unique product. At first, seagrass carpets and rugs hold onto their natural green color. However, these hues will fade over time and settle as a more neutral khaki. The light-colored fibers can complement practically any style of interior design and provide the perfect amount of warmth to suit any climate. If sustainability is important to you, this is a great option for comfortable flooring.



Although many natural fibers used for carpets and rugs are susceptible to damage and stain, seagrass carpet is extremely durable. The tightly wound fibers are dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergen resistant. Harmful particles that can destroy weaker carpets cannot penetrate the surface of seagrass and will keep your carpets lasting for years to come. Even if you miss a vacuum day, the color contrast and intricate patterns of seagrass carpets and rugs will conceal any dirt. Furthermore, since seagrass grows in water and needs to withstand frequent flooding, the fibers are naturally non-absorbent. Don’t worry about accidental spills damaging your carpet! However, this also means that seagrass carpet cannot be dyed. If you are interested in a vibrantly colored carpet, seagrass may not be for you.


Here at Floor Coverings International East Bay, we love finding unique and beautiful options for flooring. If your home is looking for a new carpet style and wants to be environmentally conscious, talk to us about seagrass. We proudly serve East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and beyond! Schedule an appointment with our mobile showroom for a free design consultation and price estimate today!



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Photo Credit: © Sandra Cunningham