Maple is one of the most popular hardwood types used in flooring today, and with good reason. The rich combination of tones possible with maple can complement nearly any interior design, from modern to traditional. At Floor Coverings International East Bay, we want to make sure you know the most important qualities about maple hardwood before making the next flooring decision for your home. Read on here, and contact us for samples and a free design consultation.


Maple hardwood floorsThe Color Range of Maple

Maple hardwood has a wide range of color tones that make it possible to fit many different interior aesthetics. Not only will individual planks carry multiple natural hues, but also depending on the type of maple you choose, the wood can be creamy white, a rich dark red-brown, or nearly any other shade in between. Maple also looks great natural or with stains, giving you even more range depending on your design dreams.

Furthermore, rare maple varieties offer the opportunity to emulate the looks iron, platinum, and even onyx. However, the cost of these unique looks may be a bit more expensive depending on what you are looking for.



Maple hardwood is an easy flooring to maintain. The best way to keep any hardwood floors clean is by sweeping regularly, cleaning up spills immediately, and opting for spot-treatment rather than mopping. While maple can stand up to the occasional mop, be sure to wring out the fabric fully as to not leave a stagnant layer of water on the surface. Tough to remove sticky residue or stains should be taken care of with hardwood cleaner and a small rag.

When it is time to refinish or restain your floors, we suggest trusting a professional to get the job done, but everyday maintenance will be a piece of cake. These characteristics make maple a perfect flooring choice for households with kids or pets.



Since it is a domestic species that grows sustainably, maple is among the most affordable hardwood styles. The price of maple is comparable to solid oak, which is the most common hardwood choice. Even if you’re considering staining the wood or choosing a rarer natural hue, maple can stay within budget.



It is highly durable with a Janka score of 1450, meaning that it resists scratches and damage naturally. Among the major hardwood styles, the only domestic variety that is stronger than maple is solid hickory. With a strong protective sealant, maple hardwood floors can last a lifetime in your home. For the most durable variety, choose sugar maple or hard maple.



While here at Floor Coverings International East Bay, we love to sing the praises for maple hardwood, there are important factors to consider. Maple will yellow slightly as it ages, and this will become especially prevalent if you are using a clear coat finish. Some maple can be hard to stain, and to avoid ending up with uneven or splotchy floors it’s best to install your floors pre-finished. However, staining the wood will improve the durability.


If you are interested in installing maple in your home, give us a call! We proudly serve East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and beyond.


Photo Credit: © John Wollwerth