Wood-Look Laminate Flooring in Pleasanton Floor Coverings International East BayHardwood floors are well known for their beauty and ability to add value to a home. Yet, their high price point and susceptibility to moisture and scratching can be a challenge for some Pleasanton homeowners. Floor Coverings International East Bay provides a great, more affordable alternative with wood-look laminate flooring.

Benefits of Wood-Look Laminate

Laminate is constructed by taking composite wood, a binding agent mixed with wood fiber and plastic, and compressing it at an extremely high temperature. When creating wood-look laminate, the result is then covered by an image of hardwood and sealed. Because laminate isn’t made from actual wood, it is significantly cheaper to purchase and install.

Wood-look laminate flooring is also a great option if you have kids or pets but still want the beautiful look of a hardwood floor. With a bustling household, spills and other accidents can be inevitable. Laminate is resistant to scratching and stains and can be easily cleaned. Additionally, if purchased as individual pieces, damages can be an easy fix. Simply unsnap the ruined piece and snap back in a new one.

Is Wood-Look Laminate Safe to Use in the Bathroom?

Unlike its hardwood counterpart, wood-look laminate is a great choice for bathroom floors as it is water-resistant. If you’ve always dreamed of having beautiful hardwood floors in your bathroom but were worried about water damage, then look no further than wood-look laminate.

With the creation of realistic wood grain overlays, wood-look laminate has become increasingly hard to distinguish from real hardwood floors. This means that you can still enjoy all the beauty of a hardwood floor at a much lower price point. If you are a homeowner in the East Bay, Pleasanton, San Ramon, or surrounding areas who is interested in wood-look laminate flooring, then give Floor Coverings International East Bay a call to set up your free in-home design consultation.

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