Slate Floor East Bay


At Floor Coverings International East Bay, we like to surround our customers with beautiful flooring options! We have everything from hardwood and bamboo to cork and vinyl. For those who love the look of natural stone, slate flooring is a wonderful choice.

About Slate Flooring

Slate is a metamorphic rock that is composed of clay and other materials such as quartz, hematite, and calcite. It’s a naturally beautiful stone that forms in colors like blue, purple, green, and red. Slate is found in its natural state around the world.

Slate Floor Tiles East BaySlate Tile Flooring

Slate floor tiles can turn any home into a work of art. Rich in multi-toned colors, these stone tiles can be purchased in squares or have varying shapes that fit together like puzzle pieces. Slate floor tile looks beautiful in any room of the home and complements all types of décor.

Slate tile has numerous benefits apart from its natural coloring and splendor. Slate is very durable and is resistant to both water and fire. Slate can be used for counters and backsplashes to add additional décor and style to the bathroom or kitchen. Radiant heating can be installed underneath to provide homeowners with warmer mornings and winters.

Slate Laminate Flooring

Natural slate flooring does require a fair amount of upkeep and may not be the best choice for homeowners who want low maintenance flooring. However, slate laminate is a great alternative if you like the appearance of slate flooring. Slate laminate is created to look like slate. It’s usually made with fiberboard, resin, and a high-quality image. Slate laminate can be textured, is less expensive than slate tile, and has easier maintenance.

Does slate flooring or slate laminate sound right for your home? Call the experts at Floor Coverings International in Pleasanton today. We’ll offer a free in-home design consultation and estimate, and you’ll be on your way to beautiful new floors!


Photo Credits: John Wollwerth & Silver Spiral Arts